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500 Words in 20 Days: a challenge!

Would you like to…

  • memorise over 500 words from a popular Polish textbook?
  • learn over a 1000 grammatical forms?
  • understand over 450 relations between the studied words?
  • test your progress at the end and see what you can improve?
  • receive a 20-page hintbook to learn more efficiently using Polish flashcards?


It took me over 2 years to create an effective and user friendly tool to learn ALL Polish words from the Hurra!!! Po polsku textbook. I called it:

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Polish Up! is available for computers, tablets and mobile phones


Three simple components for your success

1. Spaced repetition

A proven base method to memorise new material faster and prevent forgetting

2. Meaningful learning

Remembering relations between words and meanings, learning combinations of words, opposites

3. Cognitive science

Categorisation, tagging, learning
the most important words first

1. Memorise faster, forget less

optimise repetitions

Polish Up! relies on Mochi Flashcards as a platform. It uses a simplified and effective repetition algorithm to optimise your revisions in order to prevent forgetting. Learn new Polish words and save your time – let the software organise the process.

2. Integrate what you know

build associations

Do NOT just study individual flashcards – master the relations between words, integrate and consolidate! This what teachers do in the classroom using mind-maps and other memory strategies. You will be able to remember topic-oriented groups rather than just words.

3. Prioritise and optimise

first things first

It’s not only about the most popular words – you must learn items that are MOST PRODUCTIVE and useful in the greatest VARIETY OF CONTEXTS. And if you find Polish pronunciation challenging, don’t worry – you will see the shorter and simpler words first!

I wondered how I could make a REAL DIFFERENCE for Polish learners using my solution...

Then I decided to share a portion of the best, the most feature-rich version of Polish Up! with my favourite Polish-learning Internet communities and offer it as a true A0-LEVEL (novice) ELIMINATOR!

Wait! But what's the catch?

Well, there is actually NO catch!

You’d simply be helping me with my mission:


To give you all a bit of a headstart.

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However, with this project I decided to put my marketing books aside.

This is supposed to be a FREE solution without ANY strings attached!

No subscriptions. No fees. No e-mails. 100% LEARNING POLISH!

Let's not waste time!

I have prepared 3 components to get you started with the Polish vocabulary:

Install Mochi and Polish Up - 500 Words in 20 Days!

The installation steps are the same as in the “full” version of Polish Up!

You can download Mochi Flashcards at:

The 500 Words in 20 Days flashcard deck can be downloaded here (as a ZIP file):

I’m showing the installation process in the following video. It’s based on the FULL version of Polish Up!, but the steps are essentially the same.

Download my free Hintbook

My clients and people who are subscribed to my newsletter receive valuable advice how to optimise their learning. I have compiled 20 essential hints, so you can have it all on your device in a convenient form of an e-book:

The hintbook can be downloaded here (as a PDF file):

Test yourself after 20 days

My recipe for progress is simple: you learn 27 new items per day (look at the graph below), and the app takes care of your revisions.

When you have studied all 540 words (27 words * 20 days), take the following quiz:

Learn 27 new Polish words daily

*The formula shown in the pie-chart above is based on my studies of popular Polish textbooks.

What if I want to master ALL words at levels A1, A2 and B1?

Just click the following button and you’ll be taken to the Polish Up! (full version) product page.

About me

My story

A professional English- and Polish-language tutor, a keen computer programmer and a lover of everything “retro”, an adventurer and nature enthusiast, as well as a former translator and ghost-writer… Oh, and a lover of music, which, in Plato’s words, “gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything”.

As an undergraduate student at a foreign-language teacher training college, I felt underwhelmed with the amount of theoretical linguistic knowledge; moreover, I noticed that both teachers and learners had never been groups with “priority” access to technological innovations.

While working with theoretical linguists, I noticed the proverbial “other side of the coin”. Multiple scholars typically had to concentrate on the procedures and ensure that their experiments yielded valid and reliable results. Their interest in practical educational solutions was either limited or non-existing.

While designing solutions that help you learn the Polish language faster and more efficiently, my goal is to identify theoretical findings that can be transformed into READY-MADE SOLUTIONS, and I intend to keep them simple, stripped of their scholarly elements. And if my ideas can bring learners together and introduce a sense of fun in the learning process, then my mission is complete.

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